• Select the best products at competitive prices working only with certified companies that have the certifications necessary to guarantee high quality standards.

  • Introduce our customers into new international markets by promoting them with targeted marketing and marketing policies.

  • Make your product visible and available, providing minimal costs for transferring it from the producer to the consumer.

  • Create a strategic sales network in all commercial and international channels by representing you at trade shows and conferences around the world.

  • Manage all import/export operations, customs clearance insurance coverage, storage and consolidation.

  • Optimize the most effective, reliable and economic logistics solution to guarantee the product supply chain.

  • Offer a large portfolio of reliable and quality suppliers for the supply of semi-finished food products for peer industries, wholesale retail.

  • Manage the supply of products to catering, catering, naval and hotel service companies.

To promote the products it is not enough that they are good and of quality but it is necessary to push them with particularly targeted policies both in the commercial and in the marketing. These policies are aimed at making the product visible and available to those who can purchase it, supporting the minimum costs necessary to transfer it from the producer to the consumer.

Pavon Food Broker has the task of achieving the strategic objectives of the company that it represents with its human and instrumental resources, entering new markets, increasing share and opening new distribution channels.



For your needs as consolidation, storage, packaging and customs inspections we provide services of cold store inside the Port of Genoa


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